About Us

Here at Froggy Streaming, we are bringing communities together in a way in which they can interact with each other using video broadcast. Customers can stream their show or event live and interact with their audience in real time while broadcasting.

Unlike other media streaming providers, our customers don’t have to worry about bandwidth. Streaming is unlimited for our customers!

Audio & Video Streaming Service Overview

Froggy Streaming is a feature rich and fully enabled live and on demand video streaming service.

Live streaming service

Froggy Streaming is a full equipped online streaming service for live video and audio. Through utilizing a connection with a tier 1 CDN, high definition stream quality is supported.

Online audio and video streaming services

When signing up with Froggy Streaming, users can create vast archives of previously recorded audio and video content. Through video on demand, or VOD streaming, media can be uploaded for instant access from viewers. Content is dynamic, with the ability to skip or pause at the viewer’s convenience.

Fully integrated and online media streaming service

Broadcasters have everything they need out of the box to be successful when using Froggy Streaming. Live, previously recorded, audio and video are all available from the platform without the need for additional signup or separate accounts. All of this can be streamed from a free Flash video streaming player, without the need for a license.