Froggy Streaming

One Service. Many Applications

Froggy Streaming provides an affordable live streaming service to our customers.  This service has many applications for different markets.  Video can be streamed for many types of events like:

TV Stations / Networks

Become an independent TV station and have your own programming.  Broadcast your programs worldwide without limitations. There is virtually no competition since you own the channel and only you profit from it.

Faith, Religion & Spirituality

Provide a service of worship to people in your community or around the world.  You can increase your outreach to those physically unable to attend. Space is not a factor anymore.

Online Learning & Education

As a teacher you can conduct classes and lectures remotely with the use of online, live, video streaming. The Froggy Streaming integrated, live video streaming service allows you to easily stream your educational content over the Internet.

Sport Events

No medium has benefited more from live streaming than sports. Fans demand up-to-the minute presentations and statistics on teams and players. Late is not an option when it comes to sports, be it local or major, and fans will start to feel disconnected from one another if they can’t converse about the latest developments.

Froggy Streaming is the perfect platform to broadcast your show, event, concert, baseball game and many things more. Combine this with the best hosting platform from Froggy Hosting (for your website) and  you will get the best of both worlds.  Did we mention that all the channels you order have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited viewers?

Yes, we did.

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