How to Stream Your Radio Station

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It is rare for a radio station to not broadcast online. It is now an extremely common practice these days. Streaming radio online does come up with a unique set of challenges. We have come up with a list of best practices on how to effectively put your radio station online.

Why Broadcast Your Radio Station?

Broadcasting your radio station presents an array of advantages over traditional radio broadcasts. The biggest advantage is that your stream can be global, accessed by anyone in the world instead of local, listened only by the people in the vicinity of your transmitters. In other words, bigger audience.

How Online Radio Works

There are three main parts in online radio broadcasting:

  1. The Source – That’s you, your business or your broadcasting organization.  Your main job as the source is to provide the content for broadcasting.
  2. The Server – It takes your stream, replicates it and converts it (at different bitrates) and delivers it to listeners around the world.
  3. The Listener – Your audience. Anyone with an internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

Technical Stuff

For your online radio station to stream live audio over the internet, your stream needs to be compressed and uploaded to the server. You need some specialized software to do that, but it is easy to setup.

The easiest and simplest of the software packages for this purpose is Winamp with the Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source plugin.  It is available for both Windows and Mac.  This software is free and very easy to use.

There are some professional options with more features like SAM Broadcaster Cloud and Broadcaster Pro, which are available for a fee, but we like to present our customers with options that are affordable yet powerful.

Other Requirements

Other elements needed for a successful live audio stream include a good quality microphone and a solid Internet connection.  We think USB microphones are better for this kind of venture.  There is almost no configuration needed since they are plug-n-play.

An adequate Internet connection is necessary for live audio streaming.  Its upload speed should be at least twice as fast as the maximum bitrate of your broadcast.  For example, if you plan to broadcast your stream at 64k and 128k qualities, your upload speed should be at least 256kbps (that’s kilobits, not kilobytes).

Your Radio Station with Froggy Streaming

A reliable media server is needed to broadcast your audio stream to listeners located around the world.  That means that you either set up a server infrastructure of your own which is tedious, time consuming, and expensive or purchase one from a host.

Froggy Streaming is a streaming host that provides servers for a wide variety of online radio broadcasters, in addition to live video broadcasters. Check our features.

Froggy Streaming provides a strong, reliable and affordable platform for your radio station. Get an account with us and start streaming your content today!

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